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aboutquantumQuantum Quads is the fastest growing privately owned ATV specialist importer/wholesaler in the UK. This is all we do – ATV’s, and nothing else.

Founded in the early 90’s, the team at Quantum can now boast 20 years experience in the ATV industry. We know our way around quads like the back of our hand.

The Quantum range is the result of all these years of experience being bought to bear through a critical eye. We understand the demands placed by quad riders on our products, and this allows us to evaluate all our quads from the perspective of the end user.

Whether you are involved in farming, horticulture, land management, estate management, security, hunting, equestrian, or livestock management, we know what you are looking for. Equally, if pure recreation is your thing, we know what you want, and how to deliver it. We spend our weekends on quads as well!

We are also parents, and if you are looking for that extra special gift in the form of a youth quad, we have been there too. Our children ride our quads, and we are absolutely certain that we have machines that are both fun and safe in equal measure.

All our machines are backed by a comprehensive warranty, and full spare parts back up and technical advice is available here in the UK.

If you need help or advice to understand the sometimes bewildering range of styles and options and specifications that are available in the world of ATV’s, feel free to call us. All our advice is free.

Whatever your final choice, be certain to observe sensible safety precautions, and if you are new to quad riding consider taking some of the excellent training programmes that are available in all parts of the UK.

Your Quantum dealer will advise you on the courses available in your area.

Quantum Quads – the name you can trust.